VMware Introduces Cloud Service for Automation

VMware is introducing a series of developments in its cloud series that will help monitor operations and security across multiple clouds.

Vmware Logo

VMware announced that it has a new series of cloud services — Vmware Cloud Assembly, VMware Service Broker, VMware Code Stream and VM Secure State that will help facilitate the management of costs, operations, security and compliance across multiple clouds, ZDnet reports. 

The cloud assembly service offers unified provisioning across all clouds through coding, thus helping teams orchestrate an infrastructure and application delivery in line with DevOps principles. The VMware Service Broke will provide self-service access to multi-cloud infrastructure and application resources from a single catalog. The Code Stream service will automate the application release process, ZDnet reports. 

VMware is also introducing new services for compliance monitoring and policy enforcement, ZDnet reports. VMware Secure State automates configuration security and compliance monitoring in native cloud environments, addressing violations in real time. 

According to ZDnet, VMware Cloud Assembly, Service Broke and Code stream are now available, meanwhile, Secure State is in public beta.