Uber Freight Unveils Platform for Shippers

Uber Freight is rolling out a free platform that gives shippers direct access to the carrier network its been building for the last year and provides a new way to book freight.

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Uber Freight today unveiled Uber Freight for shippers, a new platform that gives shippers a direct connection to its vast carrier network.

Uber Freight for shippers enables shippers to see instant upfront load pricing, tender a load with only a few clicks and track their shipment from start to finish. In a blog post, Uber Freight says, "the platform was built in close collaboration with shippers to help transform a process that would typically take them hours to complete and often leave them in the dark on market prices and whether they were getting the right carrier."

Notable features include:

  • Tender a load in seconds: Create and tender loads with just a few clicks and dramatically reduce the time and energy it takes to book a shipment.
  • See instant marketplace pricing: Get instant and transparent price quotes for shipments. Uber Freight’s rates are based on market conditions and other factors and generated in real-time.
  • Access Uber Freight’s reliable network of carriers and drivers: Have peace of mind knowing all loads tendereded through the shipper platform are backed by Uber Freight’s vast and reliable network of carriers.
  • Track freight in real-time: Track shipments online at any time of day. Automatic notifications for major milestones mean no more searching through an overcrowded inbox for tracking information.
  • Streamline document management: Upon delivery, necessary documents and paperwork are automatically organized and stored for instant and future access.