Levi Strauss Wants to Use Lasers to Finish Jeans

To improve their supply chain, Levi's is turning to lasers to help speed up the process.


Levi Strauss will be implementing a new technique within their supply chain that will reduce chemical use and make the way in which jeans are faded, distressed and ripped more efficient.

By replacing manual labor with lasers, Levi's will be able to finish a pair of jeans every 90 seconds instead of only finishing two to three pairs in an hour. The firm believes that using lasers is the future of jeans manufacturing. 

As of late, casual and leisure wear, such as leggings, has been favored by the fashion community, cutting into blue jeans sales. Levi's decision to use lasers comes as a time when the fashion industry is grappling at trying to speed up their supply chains. 

The new method includes taking a picture of the clothing and using Levi's own in-house software to design the coloring, rips and any other changes. Lasers will then interpret the design, firing slits and other details into denim. The previous process could take up to six months to finish a pair of jeans, while the implementation of lasers could take as little as two weeks.

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