Profitect Launches Profit Amplification QuickInsight

Cloud-based version of company’s Profit Amplification suite provides retailers a faster way to realize existing profitable areas

Waltham, Mass.Sept. 27, 2012— Profit amplification software provider Profitect launched its Profit Amplification QuickInsight solution, which analyzes and interprets existing data collected from the retail supply chain and enables retailers to quickly discover and actualize untapped growth and profit opportunities.

“We launched QuickInsight so that retailers could quickly realize the value from the strong impact of our pattern recognition technology and to better understand where profit opportunities exist in their organizations,” said Guy Yehiav, Chief Executive Officer, Profitect. “Profit Amplification goes beyond the capabilities of general business intelligence solutions. It allows retailers to identify patterns of positive and negative root causes in their upstream retail supply chain or downstream in the field, prioritize them and provide best practice solutions.”

QuickInsight uses retailers’ available data and Profitect’s Profit Amplification pattern-recognition software, enabling retailers to take a cross-functional view of where, when and how profit and revenue leakage occurs. Once the areas of opportunities are identified, the software provides retailers with simple, actionable tasks that maximize efficiency and sales as well as utilizing best practices to reduce risk areas for shrink and out of stock throughout the retail value chain.