No-Code Digital Twin Dashboard

New analytics solution is the first no-code digital twin dashboard and 3D heat map visualization solution for the supply chain industry.

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Tecsys launched Digital Twin 3D Heat Map, the industry’s first no-code and 3D representation of a warehouse. This analytics solution is highly customizable and allows end users to visualize key warehouse operations.

"We are very excited to launch our Digital Twin 3D Heat Map solution, which is a game changer for warehouse operations," said Chris McPherson, director of Analytics at Tecsys. "This is an adaptable and interactive solution that provides our customers critical insights and the ability to track key performance metrics. It empowers them to make informed decisions to drive efficiencies in labor and operations.”

From Tecsys:

  • Tecsys Digital Twin 3D Heat Map does not require custom code or lengthy services engagements. It automatically maps warehouse data to a 3D representation of the warehouse floor and enables customers to track pick and replenishment operations by navigating the warehouse on their PC or mobile device.
  • ptimizing warehouse operations is a common challenge for many organizations due to the abundance of data available and the difficulties in presenting it in a way that is both easy to understand and actionable.
  • WMS users are now able to address this challenge head-on by visualizing warehouse data and identifying areas of high interactivity where there are opportunities to improve workflows and throughput.
  • This new embedded composable dashboard connects directly with Elite WMS, which provides system drill-down capabilities. This gives organizations the ability to track and monitor performance metrics, as well as make layout adjustments using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. 
  • Tecsys Digital Twin 3D Heat Map solution is backward compatible with multiple versions of the Elite WMS product, which allows both new and legacy customers to leverage the benefits of this new analytics solution.
  • The digital twin representation can be generated automatically with Elite WMS data, a process that usually requires manual input and mapping. By delivering a compatible and visually intuitive tool, Tecsys is unlocking the power of digital twins to any warehouse operator.