SAP Releases AI Innovations in Spend Management

SAP SE announced new business AI and user experience innovations in its comprehensive spend management and business network solutions.

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SAP SE announced new business artificial intelligence (AI) and user experience innovations in its comprehensive spend management and business network solutions.

“These are just some of the examples of how we are thoughtfully integrating generative AI technology with our market-leading spend management solutions to help our customers be more productive,” says Muhammad Alam, president and chief product officer, Intelligent Spend and Business Network, SAP. “As with all of SAP Business AI solutions, we are developing these new spend management AI innovations with security, privacy, compliance, ethics and accuracy in mind.”

Key takeaways:

  • The newly released SAP Ariba Category Management solution will be enhanced with the power of generative AI to help procurement professionals build comprehensive and effective category strategies faster. SAP will also embed Joule, its new generative AI copilot, throughout its cloud solutions, with availability in the spend management software planned for 2024.
  • The new SAP Spend Control Tower solution will include advanced AI features and the ability to see across all spend to help customers discover process improvements. New dashboards in the SAP Ariba Sourcing and SAP Ariba Buying solutions also give customers near real-time information within key process workflows.
  • SAP embedded AI-powered supplier risk assessment capabilities into its source-to-settle software. The new features make risk assessment profiles an integral part of sourcing, contracting and buying solutions, helping users better determine third-party risk.
  • SAP and Scoutbee GmbH partnered to develop Scoutbee Discovery, an AI-powered supplier search solution that identifies suppliers aligned with complex requirements, such as production capacity, quality standards and certifications. Through the integration, short-listed suppliers will be imported automatically into guided sourcing events.