Single-Click Supply Chain Risk Detection SaaS Platform

Supply Chain Explorer allows users to visualize, prioritize and escalate high risk relationships.

Exiger Supply Chain Explorer

Exiger launched Supply Chain Explorer, a proprietary real-time supply chain risk detection Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that empowers companies and government agencies to rapidly surface, understand and mitigate critical threats to their immediate and extended supplier networks.

“The turbulence of the market has given us unique insight into the challenges our clients face in trying to understand their supplier networks in both their day-to-day work and in a crisis,” says Brendan Galla, Exiger’s chief product officer.

From PR Newswire:

  • Supply Chain Explorer was developed in close collaboration with some of the largest corporations and critical government agencies.
  • Supply Chain Explorer allows users to visualize, prioritize and escalate high risk relationships. A modular three-in-one solution, Supply Chain Explorer discovers supplier networks across digital footprints, global shipping data and contract awards data in a centralized application, delivering unparalleled transparency into supplier risk for government agencies and critical infrastructure sectors.
  • Over the last six months, Exiger has been working with customers to ensure the relevance and accuracy of the product to their mission. The product has been used to detect, quantify and mitigate risk in under 24 hours across a number of different supply chain crises and cyberattacks. Supply Chain Explorer is currently used by corporations and federal government agencies to analyze Russia-Ukraine war supply disruptions, prioritize and understand Log4j impacts on their enterprise, and most recently, to assess their vulnerability to the Okta breach.
  • Supply Chain Explorer draws on an aggregated blend of internal and external open data sets, including over 31 million direct unstructured and structured data sources, 1.3 billion contract records, 7 billion source records of supply chain installations and 16.8 million unique supply chains. This solution also provides a comprehensive view into supply chain risk across 50 different categories and sub-categories, including sanctions, trade embargoes, enforcement, state-owned flags, cyber, modern slavery and adverse media.

“For instance, ideating how you could use our cyber Supply Chain Explorer to identify the impact of a compromise in your software environment went from theoretical to mission-critical overnight as the Log4j news broke last year. The creation of this product was a unique opportunity to both understand our clients’ needs and help them resolve real-world issues – this effort was an embodiment of Exiger’s mission to make the world a safer place through technology,” says Galla.