Axway Expands Operational Intelligence Capabilities

Axway Decision Insight enables business users to proactively manage operational objectives to reduce risks and more


PhoenixOct. 22, 2014—To empower the workforce with real-time, actionable insights that optimize business operations, Axway, a provider in governing the flow of data, announced the launch of Axway Decision Insight, previously known as Systar Tornado. By monitoring, correlating and analyzing data and events, Axway Decision Insight enables business users to proactively manage operational objectives to reduce risks, improve the customer experience, lower costs and meet service-level agreements.

Within organizations of all types and sizes, employees are expected to achieve measurable performance objectives that align with customer demands, regulatory compliance obligations and strategic business initiatives. By utilizing both real-time and historical data, Axway Decision Insight provides situational awareness, predictive insight and actionable intelligence in the right context to the right person at the right time. 

According to recent Gartner research, “By 2017, organizations using predictive business performance metrics will increase their profitability by 20 percent.”¹ Leveraging Systar’s 15 years of market experience with operational intelligence solutions and 300 successful projects, Axway Decision Insight is a powerful operational intelligence platform. The solution features robust dashboarding and alert capabilities for any operational intelligence category, including process, workforce, client and business performance, as well as risk and compliance.

With the release, business users can make faster and smarter decisions in real time by taking advantage of the following key features:

  • Personalized information. Business users, business analysts, integration specialists and administrators can tailor views of their information via a single user interface to see the results of business decisions in real time. Actionable information is customized for each user profile, and allows the business and individual to evolve together, as their specific needs change.
  • Accelerated time to value with high flexibility, which creates a production-ready environment that can support continuous incremental improvements to business-critical applications within days. With a code-free platform, non-technical business users are able to configure and create applications to quickly respond to changes. Additionally, a rapid configuration process replaces typical lengthy redesign and redevelopment cycles, letting business users configure new iterations of dashboards in hours. 
  • Time-based operational analytics. An embedded active temporal engine provides visibility into past, present and future performance of enterprise operations. Through bi-temporal indexing, temporal analytics and a temporal data structure, business users can discover and understand precursory signs of danger, based on historical information.
  • A lower total cost of ownership that enables businesses to achieve true operational intelligence and lower costs with a single modular platform architected to process, store and analyze large  volumes of data.

“Without visibility into day-to-day operations, businesses cannot proactively manage operations and are exposed to greater risk,” said Dean Hidalgo, executive vice president, global marketing, Axway. “With Axway Decision Insight, business users can take advantage of both real time and historical data to proactively achieve operational objectives and support broader organization-wide goals.”

Axway Decision Insight can be deployed on commodity hardware, and installed and accessed via a Web browser in less than two minutes. The product represents the integration between Axway data flow governance and Systar operational intelligence technology, capitalizing on the combination of the two.

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