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Barrington, Illinois 60010

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117 South Cook Street, #236
Barrington, Illinois 60010

ChainSequence® is a unique consulting group with extensive hands-on experience in high-tech manufacturing in combination with broad consulting experience in Supply Chain management. Throughout the explosive growth of Global Supply Chains over the past 15 years, our engagements with leading corporations around the world continue to help them enhance their business processes, expand the reach of their supply chains, and improve the effective use of their world-wide assets. Our mission is to develop and implement forward looking, effective supply chain solutions that help our clients excel and achieve long-term success in the high-tech industry. Our Approach is to quickly assimilate into your environment, listen to your goals, and build consensus among divergent groups to define a supply chain planning process that is right for you. We do not adhere to textbooks, system manuals, or one-size-fits-all products that can limit our clients' options. Instead, we offer a fresh perspective toward re-engineering outdated supply chain methodologies and resolving persistent challenges. Our progressive approach provides custom solutions based on your unique needs. ChainSequence™ has worked on-site in over 30 locations around the world, covering North America, Asia, and Europe. Our partners in Asia and Europe significantly enhance our international expertise with experience in local content and expectations.see less

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