Degrees in Supply Chains and Logistics are on the Rise

Supply chain and logistics degrees are starting to boom across the country.


Supply chain and logistics degrees are starting to boom at Oregon State University after professor of Supply Chain and Operations Management Wu Zhaohui started comparing the industry to the e-commerce giant, Amazon.

"We say we're like Amazon," Zhaohui tells Freight Waves. "It's like Nike is sports marketing -- Amazon is logistics. Everyone can relate." With the program growing, more than 60 students are currently enrolled.

Oregon State University isn't the only school that has degree programs sprouting up. Freight Waves reports that anecdotal reporting suggests that institutions are developing supply chain and logistics coursework to pave career pathways, especially since a recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employees reported that degrees in supply chain management and logistics is one of the top bachelor's degrees sought after. 

For example, the University of Washington has enlisted several supply chain programs. Freight Waves reports that its Foster School of Business has launched a Master of Supply Chain Management in 2016 and was developed to meet the growing demand for supply chain talent. 

Still, college-level courses surrounding supply chain management aren't new. However, there weren't many degree-focused opportunities for the industry. Betting schools are betting on the new programs as a way to counteract some enrollment trends, Freight Waves reports. Adding to that, adding course curriculum can help address the changing industry and fill the gaps.