C.H. Robinson Displays Eco-Crate and CantaBella at Fresh Summit

PMA Fresh Summit welcomes global attendees to examine trends and identify key issues in fresh produce and perishables space

Anaheim, Calif.—Oct. 26, 2012—Global sourcing and logistics company C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc. is displays its Eco-Crate sweet corn container and CantaBella melon in booth 3428 at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit, held today through Oct. 28 in Anaheim, Calif.

While development of the CantaBella melon began in 2008, exclusive seed development for Timco Worldwide, a C.H. Robinson Company, positioned CantaBella as a new entry into the melon category. Available October through May, CantaBella has a strong harvest indicator which allows C.H. Robinson growers to know when the melon is ready to be picked. This results in a more consistent melon and favorable eating experience for the consumer.

“CantaBella will be unlike any other melon in the produce department,” said Tim Colin, General Manager of Timco Worldwide. “The sweet orange flesh and distinct aroma of the melon allows us to provide a favorable eating experience, more consistently, compared to other melons.”

CantaBella went through trial growth in several regions ranging from high humidity to very dry, which enables the production of CantaBella throughout the C.H. Robinson grower network.

Eco-Crate, a proprietary, patent-pending, fully recyclable sweet corn container, was developed in response to a number of issues and opportunities in the sweet corn category ranging from food safety to handling of wooden and wax corn crates throughout the supply chain. Made from recyclable plastic, the Eco-Crate enables up to 30 percent more loading of crates per truckload compared to conventional crates.

“Several surveys identified wood crates as the single most difficult and most injury-producing container at DC and store levels, both domestically and in Europe,” said Daniel Whittles, Director of Grower Programs and Business Development for Rosemont Farms, a C.H. Robinson Company. “Those handling the Eco-Crate at the various points of contact from packing to merchandising will be thrilled at the reduced hazard, thanks to the elimination of metal wire and splintered wood.”

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