New Procurement Book Changes Way to Learn

Step-by-step techniques combined with sports analogies

Pittsburgh, Pa—Jan. 4, 2012—While many of the procurement books out there are dry and often snooze-inducing, a new book released today has finally made learning how to implement procurement best practices fun.

Next Level Purchasing founder Charles Dominick, and Soheila Lunney, have co-authored “The Procurement Game Plan: Winning Strategies and Techniques for Supply Management Professionals.”  The text combines step-by-step procurement techniques with sports analogies to offer entertainment as well as education.

“The Procurement Game Plan” encourages procurement leaders and practitioners to “take the ball” by offering an easy-to-follow game plan with strategies that can be implemented to improve supplier relations, achieve measurable cost savings, reduce risk, and attain operational efficiency. These strategies ultimately lead to improved margins and competitiveness for the organizations of the procurement leaders who implement them.

“Dr. Lunney and I set out to provide procurement leaders with something that they were sorely missing—actionable strategies in a format that is both practical and enjoyable,” said Dominick. We are looking forward to seeing the measurable benefits it brings to procurement organizations throughout the world.”

“The Procurement Game Plan” is available directly from J. Ross Publishing at or