Global Standards Leaders join World Preferred Network

World Preferred brings profitable model to e-commerce

NEW YORK -- Inc., a global e-marketplace for suppliers, announced that several leading Accredited Registrars have joined the World Preferred Network, providing their clients the opportunity to boost their worldwide presence and drive new business using the Internet.

Accredited Registrars are third-party firms that perform audits of organizations to determine their eligibility for certification to an international management performance standard such as ISO 9000, AS9100, TL9000 and QS-9000. As World Preferred alliance partners, AQSR International Inc., Quality Management Institute (a Division of CSA International), SGS ICS Canada, and TÜV Management Service are now offering their clients the opportunity to become participants in the World Preferred Supplier Network.

"As a leader in our industry, we know our clients want real value from their management systems that we audit and certify," said Mark Alpert, Senior Vice President of Boston-based TÜV Management Service. "World Preferred offers our clients the unique opportunity to connect with qualified buyers in a secure, safe online environment using a standard Internet browser and password-controlled access." is an Internet marketplace that connects sources of supply with purchasing professionals located around the globe. Quality-assured suppliers enrolling in the World Preferred Supplier Network are able to profile their business, highlight products and services, increase worldwide market presence, and receive new business opportunities from qualified buyers over the Internet.

One of the most widely known families of international management system standards is ISO 9000. In the United States, the number of ISO 9000 registrations more than tripled in five years, from less than 9,000 in 1995 to more than 31,000 in 1999. In Canada, the rise has been equally impressive, with the number of registrations jumping from less than 2,500 to almost 10,000. It is estimated that more than 400,000 certificates have been issued worldwide, with the number expected to grow to 750,000 over the next five years.

"The adoption of management system standards is increasing, with an average of 200 new certificates being issued each week in North America," said Bradford Geddes, President and CEO, Inc. "By partnering with leading Accredited Registrars, we are able to help quality-assured suppliers increase their visibility, and build public recognition that a focus on customer satisfaction and performance excellence makes them the ideal choice for buyers around the world."

Suppliers who have achieved an international quality or environmental management system registration pay an annual enrollment fee of $2,000 to join the World Preferred Supplier Network - creating a regenerating revenue stream since fees are paid annually as opposed to being transaction-based.

With the proliferation of online B2B marketplaces, uncertainty among buyers as to whom to trust and where to go is quickly becoming an international trading issue. As an advocate for suppliers, the World Preferred Supplier Network makes it efficient for buyers to ensure they're dealing with the right sources of supply.

Today, buyers can search for more than 60,000 quality-assured suppliers. A free service for professional buyers, enables them to issue and manage web-based electronic requests, such as RFPs and RFQs, that can be delivered directly to the desktop of qualified suppliers.