Scary, Scary Future

New campaign says future frightening for the unprepared

Made2Manages new campaign from Bradley and Montgomery Advertising, a series called "Scary, Scary Future," points out how frightening the new world of manufacturing will look to the unprepared. The campaign breaks with "Prepare for the Day When E-commerce is Just Called 'Commerce,'" which explains why B2B interactivity is here to stay. The new series advertises Made2Manage Systems suite of manufacturing system solutions.

"Manufacturers are aware that this increasingly connected world is fundamentally changing their businesses," said David Koch, vice president of marketing at Made2Manage. "They understand it will change the way they do everything from procuring materials, to bidding for work, to finding allied suppliers. But many companies have put off applying technology to their plans because the changes have not yet begun to erode the bottom line -- and because they dont know who to trust for the best technological solutions to prepare them for that future."

With the new campaign, Made2Manage customers and prospects are reminded that Made2Manage Systems offer solutions that address the positions in which these companies find themselves today. The upcoming campaign also uses images like a snail struggling to carry an old factory that is its shell, and a Chinese dragon that's a distribution expert to communicate the ways change can look scary now, but represent real opportunities with the right tools.