Equal Opportunity Suppliers

NBC Sourcing goes after minority- and women-owned enterprises

As part of NBC's diversity initiative, jointly announced in January with the NAACP, NBC announced the launch of the NBC Supplier Diversity Web site which will identify and create business opportunities for minority owned business enterprises, as well as women owned businesses (MWBE). The site enables MWBEs to be considered as potential suppliers to NBC on a national and local level. A MWBE can register online and after verification of company information, will be included in NBC's sourcing database, which is categorized by commodity and location. As bidding opportunities for specific goods and services arise, NBC will contact the appropriate suppliers that are registered in the database.

In addition to logging on to the site directly, links to the NBC Supplier Diversity Web site can be found on each of NBC's 13 owned and operated television stations Web sites, eventually allowing MWBEs to bid for local projects.

The NBC Supplier Diversity Web site is part of NBC's diversity initiative in which NBC announced it would increase the number of minority owned businesses that supply goods and services to the company. NBC's goal is to increase their expenditures, 100% from 1999, with minority owned businesses by June 2001.

"NBC is committed to bringing diversity to every aspect of their business and the launch of the NBC Supplier Diversity Web site is an excellent example of this commitment," said Paula Madison, Vice President, NBC Diversity. "I am confident we will surpass our spending goal, especially now that we have the infrastructure to identify minority-owned businesses around the country."