Supply Chain Goes Wireless

Vigilance partners with Aether Systems to provide wireless access

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 11, 2000- Vigilance, a provider of supply chain management solutions, announced a new alliance with Aether Systems, a wireless and mobile data products and services provider. The new partnership will give users throughout complex supply chains the ability to access, through any wireless device, the information they need to monitor, collaborate and resolve issues in real time.

Vigilance provides a suite of supply chain event monitoring/management applications, Vigilance(TM), that enables managers to define business rules, immediately detect exceptions, notify and assign action items, track status, collaboratively resolve issues, learn and constantly improve business practices. The partnership allows Vigilance to deliver secure, real-time wireless integration to wireless and mobile devices by building conduits that leverage Aether Intelligent Messaging and the ScoutWare product suite, which provides synchronization and device management functionality. Overall, the Vigilance-Aether partnership represents the first use of wireless technology in an integrated global supply chain management system.

By integrating AIM and ScoutWare, Vigilance will be able to extend the functionality of its software to a full range of wireless devices, including web-enabled phones, two-way pagers and personal digital assistants (PDAs). In addition, Aether's full service model, including application hosting, web-site enablement, customer service and product fulfillment, will allow Vigilance customers to rapidly deploy solutions in a scaleable, supportable manner.

"Many people involved in a complex global supply chain are mobile professionals who are often at a loss when they are away from the office and can't make decisions which have cascading effects on business processes," said Dr. Jonathan Golovin, co-founder and CEO of Vigilance, Inc. "Vigilance, enhanced with Aether's suite of wireless communications tools, can now offer senior management, those on a production floor or others deployed in the field, the communications solutions they need to quickly identify and solve problems," he added.

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