Ariba Sourcing Now Available

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Ariba Sourcing hits the market today. This new product, available for both corporations and marketplaces, provides online collaborative sourcing technologies that allow buyers and suppliers of direct and indirect goods, specifications-based raw materials, capital assets, and business services to locate ideal trading partners, negotiate purchases, and strengthen supply chains on the Internet.

Developed to provide comprehensive sourcing solutions for RFQ-driven materials and services, Ariba Sourcing allows marketplaces and corporations to market and manage their own privately-labeled procurement exchanges and utilize auction capabilities. Marketplaces and vertical trading exchanges can incorporate unique functionality sets to power their procurement sites with sourcing, collaboration, auction capabilities, negotiation formats, and reporting tools. Ariba Sourcing is delivered as a hosted network service branded to the customer's interface to provide a gateway for their users. Customers may choose to have Ariba Sourcing integrated with ERP and SCM packages as well, to create a dynamic collaboration, planning, forecasting, and replenishment (CPFR) solution.

Ariba Sourcing Enterprise Edition allows corporations to create their own private-labeled procurement solution. The Enterprise Edition provides a secure Internet-based strategic sourcing platform that aggregates buyers and suppliers and matches them with multiple qualified trading partners. Many of the inefficiencies in the traditional materials purchasing process may very well be eliminated. Buyers can benefit with reduced cost of materials, better access to an increased base of new and qualified suppliers, shortened cycle times for purchasing and employing a standardized data format. Suppliers, on the other hand, benefit through increased access to new business opportunities, reduced sales and marketing costs, shortened sales cycle times and the opportunity to be evaluated and rewarded based on expertise and efficiency.

"Providing this private-labeled procurement solution is integral to building robust commerce chains," stated Rick Feldt, senior vice president sourcing for Ariba.

Ariba Sourcing Marketplace Edition allows portals, marketplaces, and trading exchanges to implement vertical or horizontal RFQ-based procurement and auction platforms for their constituents. The transparent functionality can be branded for any particular vertical industry or commodity. The Marketplace Edition is built on an open architecture that connects buyers with thousands of suppliers worldwide to conduct an unlimited number of transactions through a single, easy-to-use interface.

Streamlined sourcing has the potential to allow corporations and marketplaces to greatly increase supply chain efficiency. And thats something we can all use.