Real Results

One company posts real numbers in the land of future projections

Weve all heard the hype. eMarketplaces will do eighty gazillion dollars by 2004. Experts and research organizations produce projected e-marketplace activity on an almost weekly basis. Sales people pick up on these numbers to add urgency to their sales pitch while customers rush into the e-commerce fray to keep up.

Well, finally someone has put up some real numbers. CommerceOne announced at the eLink 2000 conference that their customers have traded approximately $2 billion worth of goods. "CommerceOne is fully focused on helping our customers drive liquidity through e-marketplaces, so we believe passing $2 billion in online auctions is a tremendous milestone," said Liron Petrushka, VP of Auction Services.

In addition, some customers have reported cost savings on sourcing with one company reporting up to 50 percent and a reduction time in the negotiation cycle by two to three weeks.

The Pleasonton, CA-based company reported more than 5000 events worldwide for companies such as Artikos, and GM. Currently CommerceOne is running auctions for 22 companies with 20 more in the implementation process.