Supply Web Watching

Viewlocity helps evolve linear supply chains into global supply webs

ATLANTA, September 26, 2000 -- BUSINESS WIRE - As we all know, the supply chain is a fragmented reality that we all have to deal with. It will always be fragmented, but that doesnt mean we cant find ways to make it run a little smoother.

One company, Viewlocity, has given us a new set of applications that can help us watch the supply chain a little closer. Their new TradeSync applications help gain more control and visibility by providing a comprehensive view of shipment and inventory status that helps to overcome the disparity of enterprise and trading partner systems.

The Atlanta-based companys new supply web applications, TradeSync Shipment Visibility and TradeSync Inventory Visibility, give companies the ability to react with intelligent responses to real time supply web events. Leveraging Viewlocity's proven integration broker, these applications provide companies with better visibility within their supply web, allow them to use their assets better, deliver products more quickly and lower costs due to better awareness of their trading partner capabilities, globally.

"The supply chain is broken," said Viewlocity CEO, Greg Cronin. "The new reality for global companies is the concept of a supply web, in which all trading partners truly collaborate, and which prevents these fractures from occurring. Companies with fragmented global supply chains, where speed and accuracy are critical to competitiveness, are among the first of many that can benefit from our new visibility technology."

The current generation of enterprise applications for supply chain planning and execution traps inventory and shipment data in numerous silos. Viewlocity's new TradeSync applications provide visibility of information across all Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to help customers achieve improved inventory visibility, higher velocity information flows, as well as increased control across global trading communities. This full view of supply web activities delivers quantifiable business benefits such as:

  • Reduced inventories
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Increased customer service

DHL, the Worlds Most Global Company, and Ryder Systems, a leading logistics, supply chain, and transportation management solutions provider have both signed on to use Viewlocitys applications. "We already enjoy the benefits of Viewlocity's robust integration broker," stated Column Joyce, DHL's Electronic Commerce Strategy Manager. "Because DHL provides logistics solutions to some of the world's most demanding supply webs, we wanted to add flexible, event-driven solutions to help manage our logistics operations. Viewlocity is the first vendor we have found who could deliver integration and applications that provide complete visibility over our supply web."