Portlet, Anyone?

Partnership Eases B2B Collaboration

SiteScape, a provider of Web-based B2B collaboration software and services, today announced a partnership with Viador Inc. that allows customers to integrate SiteScapes Forum collaboration software or its hosted collaboration service with Viadors E-Portal Suite. As part of this partnership, SiteScape has created a Viador portlet for SiteScape Forum; a Summary tool, which lists discussion and document forums, calendars and a Web File System tool, which allows users to post and share files.

The integration of SiteScapes Forum collaboration capabilities with the Viador E-Portal Framework allows users to communicate, build and share knowledge and collaborate with groups of people within a company or across organizations. Users can host online discussions; share documents; participate in real-time chat; create and participate in workflows; schedule meetings using shared calendars and review select and filtered information from news sources and Internet newsgroups.

Portlets are the integration components that allow Web applications to be managed and distributed by the Viador Portal. The Viador E-Portal Framework allows developers, customers and partners to integrate virtually any Web-based content and/or applications into their Viador Portal. The Viador portlet for SiteScape Forum 5.1 is available immediately for download from SiteScape and from Viador as well.