China Becomes a Reality

New deal makes e-commerce a possibility in the Far East

Kirkland, WA - Oct. 17, 2000 - OurChina.Net, a B2B e-commerce platform technologies provider for the Chinese market, and EnCompass Globalization, an international operations outsourcing services provider for U.S. companies, have signed a strategic partnership to help U.S. companies develop their e-commerce operations in the Chinese market.

Through relationships with leading B2C e-commerce companies, banks, and systems integration companies, OurChina.Net's team is developing e-marketplaces critical for conducting business online in China. OurChina.Net's technologies, combined with EnCompass' innovative international operations outsourcing services, will provide U.S. companies an unparalleled set of services for rapid deployment in the Chinese market.

"Our partnership with EnCompass is a critical part of OurChina.Net's ability to serve U.S. companies that want to enter the Chinese market," said Wang Juntao, chairman of OurChina.Net and founder and CEO of

"EnCompass' excellent reputation for high-quality localization and internationalization services was an important factor in selecting the company as our first U.S. partner (for localization and internationalization services)," said Myles Lu, founder and CEO of OurChina.Net. "But it was their focus and success at providing clients with international operations outsourcing services that made them a particularly attractive partner for us."

The emergence of the Internet in China has created an enormous stir in the U.S., where e-businesses are quickly extending into international markets to capture a first-mover advantage in what could one day be the biggest e-commerce market.

"The Internet population in China has nearly doubled every six months for the past several years, and U.S. companies are increasingly taking notice that this market could offer outstanding long-term returns," said BJ Lackland, director of strategic relations at EnCompass.

However, Lackland added, with the numerous opportunities in China, conducting business there can be very difficult for U.S. companies, and operating an e-business presents even greater challenges.

"Taking an e-business to China can be extremely difficult because there are no well-established technologies for conducting transactions, processing payments, and fulfilling orders online," said Lackland. "It's even more difficult for companies wanting to repatriate hard currency funds from their Chinese operations.

"The capabilities OurChina.Net is developing with its banking and other business partners in China will give EnCompass' clients a significant strategic advantage in the Chinese market," said Lackland. "Our partnership with OurChina.Net allows EnCompass to offer a critical set of services to companies entering the increasingly important Chinese market."