Get Resourced and Get Connected

Peregrine announces e-procurement and asset management solutions

ORLANDO -- GartnerGroup ITxpo -- October 17, 2000 -- Peregrine Systems announced its integrated solution for end-to-end management of corporate assets. Get.Resources! - coupled with, the company's e-Commerce enabling application - empowers employees in the management of these assets, giving them the ability to connect with suppliers and marketplaces through a Peregrine-hosted network.

Peregrine's end-to-end e-procurement solution also provides asset management to monitor change and cost throughout the lifecycle of the procured asset, providing information for real-time business planning. Get.Resources! can be run locally or via ASP for customers, and it includes 24x7 customer support, to boot.

This powerful, integrated solution delivers on our vision of providing organizations and their people what they need to get their jobs done, said Steve Gardner, chairman and CEO of Peregrine. By providing them with the means to connect to suppliers, purchase assets and manage those assets through retirement, Peregrines Get.Resources! can boost productivity and curtail costs.

Analyst data indicates that capital costs associated with initial purchase price account for only 25 per cent of the total lifecycle cost of an asset. Without full lifecycle asset management, it is difficult to tie business planning and procurement activities to total cost of ownership. Get.Resources! not only provides the typical cost savings and efficiencies of e-procurement , but steps beyond traditional e-procurement applications to manage change and cost throughout an asset's useful life.

The Supplier Connection
One of the hardest facets of e-procurement is connecting to suppliers. Peregrine has a leg up in that arena as it already processes more than one million transactions on a daily basis. Through a proven network, facilitates secure document exchange between buyers and suppliers regardless of data formats and communications protocols. Customers also gain access to a wide range of hosted storefronts and marketplaces already conducting business on

Get.Resources! empowers employees to get what they need to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently. Deployed on the corporate intranet, the intuitive web portal is governed by the company's business rules and policies. Maverick buying, which accounts for an estimated one-third of all corporate purchases, is greatly reduced as employees benefit from using a standard procurement process for their purchases.