Market Crawler

Mercado Softwares Crawler Extension simplifies searches

Mercado Software, a provider of intuitive search solutions for e-catalogs, today announced the IntuiFind Crawler Extension. This addition to InutiFind, an e-catalog search solution for e-commerce sites, provides enhanced search functionality for both B2C and B2B sites, including e-procurement and e-marketplaces, by crawling, indexing and searching non-structured HTML content, in addition to content that is stored in the e-catalogs database.

With the Crawler Extension, IntuiFind can quickly and effectively import HTML content from external sources such as partner/supplier Web sites, search internal flat text file directories and crawl internal site pages to find content related to the catalog search taking place. Online buyers will experience unified access to all e-catalog-related data sources, which gives them improved search and more relevant information from which they can make purchasing decisions.

For instance, at an e-Marketplace for MRO products, a purchasing agent searching for electronic motors might find related information and research from articles about motors retrieved, using the IntuiFind Crawler Extension, from a local news Web site or technical journal. The agent can also look at product updates, provided by crawling and indexing other selected B2B sites. Finally, product reviews from other manufacturers or buyers on the suppliers site provide objective opinions about the product and other end-user experiences. These documents, when combined with IntuiFinds database search results, create a more complete picture of the product and its benefits for the buyer.