Envera Environment

webMethods selected as Envera infrastructure

webMethods, a B2B integration solutions provider, announced that Envera has implemented webMethods B2B as the underlying software infrastructure for integrating trading partners with the Envera clearinghouse network of systems and services. Envera is the first active e-business for business (eB4B) network, providing speed and efficiency for electronic business transactions in the chemical and petroleum industries.

Envera has leveraged webMethods B2B to build a seamless, real-time trading network where trading partners including Lyondell Chemical Company, Lubrizol Corporation, Occidental Chemical Corporation (OxyChem) and Solutia Incorporated can facilitate their business transactions using a secure, bi-directional B2Bi platform. With webMethods B2B, Envera has created links for exchanging purchase orders, order acknowledgement, shipment notification, receipt notification, invoicing and change order processes between trading partners back-end ERP systems including SAP, Baan, Oracle, JD Edwards and legacy systems, among others, and the Oracle database running at the Envera hub.

Envera is a neutral, industry-driven network that facilitates a full range of business transactions and services. Its use of technology enables trading members to exchange transactional data using their existing ERP systems. Each member uses the Envera engine to transact and communicate with his or her trading partners.

Key to the success of Envera was configuring the hub so that any trading partner, regardless of the type of back-end systems already in place, could quickly and easily connect to the clearinghouse. This entailed working with webMethods to implement a B2Bi solution that supported multiple industry standards and protocols. In the chemical industry, where companies are forging new alliances and embracing new business models, it is now more critical than ever to implement a B2B integration solution that will stand the test of time and allow companies with different business processes and technology standards to come together and thrive in the New Economy, said Charles Allen, webMethods vice president, Industry Solutions.

Enveras second phase will roll out January 2001, and will include value-added services such as carrier connectivity, freight forward connectivity, supplier-managed inventory, inbound freight monitoring and rail fleet management. Throughout 2001, Envera will continue to incorporate enhancement services such as international logistics, collaborative forecasting and planning and distributor connectivity.

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