Moore Electronic Bills

Moore and First National Bank of Omaha team up to offer online bill payment

BANNOCKBURN, Ill., Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Moore Business Communication
Services (BCS), a division of Moore Corporation Limited is partnering 
with First National Bank of Omaha, a multi-state, multi-bank, holding 
company, to provide an integrated and cost-effective online bill 
presentment and payment offering with financial reporting capabilities.  
As part of this alliance, Moore and First National Bank of Omaha 
will participate in joint sales and marketing initiatives.
Through Moore, companies can develop electronic bills, post them online,
deliver other types of customer information electronically and provide their
customers with the ability to analyze the data in each bill.  Moore's online
presentment and payment services include eStatement, for electronic statement
presentation; eBill, for billing applications; eAnalyst, which provides data
mining capabilities for large business-to-business billing applications; and
eCommunications, which transforms standard e-mail into personalized
communication between businesses and their customers.  First National Bank of
Omaha provides the payment-processing portion of Moore's comprehensive
electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) solution.
First National Bank of Omaha provides companies the ability to schedule
payments, consolidate multiple payment streams into a single remittance file
that is posted directly to an accounts receivable system, and carry out on-line reporting.