E-Markets Aussi-Style

Infobank launches e-marketplace for rugby gear, sporting goods

BROOMFIELD, CO  PRNewswire  January 3, 2001  Infobank, a B2B e-commerce software solutions and service provider, recently announced that it has teamed with B4Bsport to create an Australian e-marketplace geared to the country's most prominent sports teams and sporting goods companies. The e-marketplace will cater to industry giants like the Australian Football League, National Rugby League and Nike Australia.

B4Bsport will use Infobank's InTrade software to facilitate trade between professional and amateur sports teams, sporting venues and suppliers of everything from team uniforms to cricket equipment. B4Bsport also will connect corporations that sell sponsorships and branding opportunities to Australian sporting goods teams and sports-related companies.

B4Bsport chose InTrade's global e-business platform because it offers benefits like multi-language and multi-currency capabilities as well as international trading protocols necessary to conduct global trade. Infobank's global functionality with multiple languages and currencies as well as their understanding of international trading considerations will allow us to expand beyond Australia and into other markets such as Asia and Europe, said David Killingback, COO of B4Bsports. With Infobank's InTrade, our participating members will be able to conduct business with buyers and suppliers around the globe. Other e-marketplace solutions just don't offer that kind of flexibility.

Online Advantage is Infobank's exclusive distributor of InTrade in Australia and will work with B4Bsport to build the marketplace and integrate InTrade with B4Bsport's existing software. B4Bsport already has 375 members committed to participate in its marketplace. These members represent a majority of prominent professional and amateur sports teams in Australia, such as the Australian Rugby Union, Australian Grand Prix, and a number of clubs in the Australian Football League and National Rugby League.

Infobank is not an exclusively Australian company, however. It was founded in the United Kingdom in 1993 and, in 2000, launched its presence in the U.S. with a headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado. In the U.S., Infobank's InTrade powers electronic medical trading communities Vitals986 and Latino-B2B.