WebLogic Comes Up Rosy

BEA WebLogic Collaborate Enabler supports RosettaNet

SAN JOSE, CA  PRNewswire  January 4, 2001  BEA Systems, an e-business infrastructure software company, announced the release of their BEA WebLogic Collaborate Enabler for RosettaNet. The new program, to ship out in the first calendar quarter of 2001, is designed to help enable companies enjoy the benefits of participating in RosettaNet-compliant supply chains, such as cost-savings and faster time-to-market through improved operational efficiencies.

BEA WebLogic Collaborate Enabler for RosettaNet is designed to support the rapid development of RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes (PIPs) based on the RosettaNet Implementation framework (RNIF), which defines the rules, vocabulary and format for business documents forming the basis of interactions among trading partners.

BEA WebLogic Collaborate Enabler for RosettaNet, currently in beta release to BEA WebLogic Collaborate early adopter customers, allows companies to create virtual on-ramps into supply chains and partner networks built using existing RosettaNet PIPs. BEA intends to support new PIPs currently under industry discussion using BEA WebLogic Process Integrator, a J2EE business process engine for creating and automating complex business processes that span multiple applications, technologies and organizational entities.

Using BEA WebLogic Process Integrator to model PIPs gives customers tremendous flexibility to connect into RosettaNet exchanges today and then rapidly build out their B2B collaboration portfolio as new processes are standardized, said Barbara Britton, president of the BEA E-Commerce Integration Division. This will be critical as the number of RosettaNet PIPs multiples in the future.

Early adopters of RosettaNet include high-technology manufacturers, whose large and complex trading networks pose especially daunting B2B integration challenges on a global scale. Our goal is for BEA WebLogic Collaborate to become the leading software infrastructure solution for B2B integration, said Britton. Discussions with BEA WebLogic Collaborate customers and prospects have emphasized the importance of RosettaNet support, and our new RosettaNet Enabler reaffirms BEA's strong commitment to open and standards-based technology.