CRM Strikes a Chord

Chordiant Software lands two new systems integrators

LONDON  PRNewswire  Jan. 19, 2001  Chordiant Software, a CRM infrastructure software provider, signed on two UK software consulting firms for the implementation of their solution. The first, Triad, is a systems integration company that will serve as a consulting and technical partner for Chordiant's CRM solution. The second company to sign on as a Chordiant partner is Salmon, an independent software consultant company.

Triad will work jointly with Chordiant on assessing enterprise-wide customer retention and needs analysis in addition to technical implementation. In response to the partnership, Triad director Ian Haynes said, Many of our customers are blue-chip companies that were experiencing real problems trying to e-enable their complex systems before they came to us. They know they can't throw out their existing systems, but this makes integration a real challenge. Because of our in-depth technical focus on CRM, we were keen to partner with a leading solution provider in the market, but we had found all the products we worked with to be too rigid and inflexible  until Chordiant.

Only Chordiant has the flexibility we need to give our customers what they want quickly, without changing the way they run their business. Its fluid framework is truly interactive, integrated CRM across any channel, and with Chordiant we can make this a reality, concluded Haynes.

Similarly, Salmon group will serve as a technical partner for Chordiant in the implementation of Chordiant's CRM solution software at large blue-chip client sites. Salmon has very strong skills in IBM's Visual Age so they were an obvious match for our product, said Mick Oak, senior vice president of worldwide professional development at Chordiant. They also have an excellent track record in delivering CRM, e-business and enterprise integration projects to blue-chip clients and thoroughly understand the business drivers and technology issues behind large scale, enterprise-wide and multichannel implementation. This is why we have involved them at an early stage in a number of customer projects.

Peter Dawkins, business manager at Salmon, believes that there is a large, untapped market in the UK for Chordiant's project. There is a strong need among clicks and mortar companies for rapidly-deployed CRM solutions that are tailored to a company's business processes and which are consistent across channels, he said. Chordiant is one of the few products to truly provide this.