SeraNova Gets Made

SeraNova Joins Intel's eBSP

Edison, N.J. -- January 24, 2001 -- SeraNova, an eBusiness consulting and integration services provider, has joined Intel's eBusiness Solutions Provider (eBSP) Program, a worldwide Web integrator-focused channel initiative that provides businesses with a source for standardized eBusiness solutions. SeraNova becomes a member of elite integrators selected by Intel to assist customers to develop and deploy eBusiness applications on Intel architecture.  As an Intel eBSP member, SeraNova and its global team of consultants will enjoy access to the latest Intel product information, development updates and solution stacks.  The goal is that SeraNova will be able to implement clients' Intel-based eBusiness solutions faster, at lower risk and with increased assurance of high performance and scalability.

SeraNova qualifies for membership in the eBSP program through participation in the Intel Premier Provider program, status that is conferred to companies that successfully demonstrate the ability to build eBusiness solutions utilizing Intel's architecture.

Concurrently, SeraNova has agreed to create the first Intel-sponsored Advanced Technology Lab dedicated to the development of wireless and voice applications, using the Windows and Linux operating systems on Intel architectures.  In this initiative, SeraNova will work closely with Intel's Dialogic subsidiary, a leading provider of voice portal platforms.

"Intel has begun to work more extensively with companies like SeraNova that offer a broad range of eBusiness integration expertise," said Deborah Conrad, Vice President of Intel's Business and Marketing Alliances Group. "We have already seen how this has resulted in the successful deployment of significant Intel-based eBusiness systems for Global 2000 companies. Through efforts like this, we hope to continue to make Intel architecture the platform of choice and an Internet infrastructure standard."

"For many of our Global 2000 clients, Intel-based architectures are already a de-facto standard," said Nagaraja Srivatsan, SeraNova's Executive Vice President for Global Delivery and head of the Company's mobile enablement practice.  "Intel's eBSP program, in particular their solution stacks, simplifies our job of building and delivering rock-solid, high performance applications for our clients.  That, coupled with our powerful offshore-based global delivery model, puts SeraNova in a position to deploy Intel-based eBusiness systems with unmatched speed, reduced risk at reasonable cost."

Intel-certified 'solution stacks' are a key element of the eBSP program. These are groupings of hardware, network and software products that have been pre-defined, integrated and tested by Intel's own integration labs.

The value of these stacks is that they eliminate much of the time-consuming, low level configuration and testing activity that is typically required when a systems integrator designs and implements a sophisticated eBusiness application.  Further, as these standardized stacks are increasingly used as the basis for different applications for multiple customers, they benefit from the experiences of real-world use, becoming more secure and higher performing, thereby presenting a lower risk to both the customer and eBusiness integrators like SeraNova.

In setting up the new Intel-sponsored Advanced Technology Lab for wireless and voice applications, SeraNova will work with Intel and their Dialogic division, to design, build and test integration software that will simplify and speed the task of building wireless and mobile computing applications.

This software, together with related implementation methodologies, will be presented to Intel for consideration as a solution stack for mobile computing.  Commenting on this work, Srivatsan added, "there's a lot of hype surrounding mobile technologies like WAP and Bluetooth, but the reality is that application developers are being challenged to overcome the form factors of cell phones and PDAs in order to build usable applications. Sometimes a micro-browser may not be the sensible choice for a mobile application.  By using voice technologies, such as VoiceXML and voice recognition, our clients have the option of user interfaces that are far more natural and intuitive - simplifying and speeding user entry for their mobile applications."

Launched in early 2000, the Intel eBSP Program's technology enablement occurs through the use of Intel labs, engineers, technical marketing support, and training and certification programs.  As an eBSP member, SeraNova has access to Intel's database of collateral, white papers and solution briefs, as well as to Intel client and server hardware, software and networking products.  The program builds on Intel's long history of success in working with application vendors through the optimization and porting efforts of the company's two dozen Application Solution Centers, where technology leaders are able to tune and optimize software running on Intel architecture based systems.