A Shared Vision

D&B has WhizBang! business info

MURRAY HILL, N.J. -- February 1, 2001 -- BUSINESS WIRE -- Dun & Bradstreet entered into an exclusive alliance with WhizBang! Labs, a software developer that extracts data from the Internet.  The deal will help D&B expand its database of more than 62 million businesses worldwide with valuable information from the Web. With the new data, D&B will help customers capitalize on business opportunities with increased levels of trust and confidence.

Through this alliance, D&B strengthens its global data coverage, a key component in its blueprint for growth strategy.  With the WhizBang! Extraction Framework, D&B's information base --already updated over one million times each day -- will automatically add vital Web-based information, including e-mail addresses, URLs, executive contacts and details on the operation as well as functionality of a company's e-commerce presence.

"WhizBang! Labs has successfully developed a unique tool for surfing the Web to find data. Working with this innovative partner, D&B is enhancing our global database with information that no one else has," said Ron Klausner, senior vice president and leader of D&B's data operations. "This enables D&B to continue to distance ourselves from the competition in the quality and quantity of our credit and marketing information. The result is better decision-making for our customers."

"WhizBang! Labs and D&B share a vision of the Web as a limitless source of dynamic business information that, when unlocked, provides competitive advantage. Since our technology can find and extract massive sets of targeted business data in multiple languages from the Internet, our software solution is ideally suited to support D&B's mission of providing its global customers with fresh, comprehensive and actionable e-commerce information," said Robert H. Sherwin, President and CEO of WhizBang! Labs.