Building On a Good Thing

OneBuild expands its mission for the construction industry

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA --  February 13, 2001 --  PRNewswire --  Reflecting the increasing B2B interest in the construction industry, OneBuild, a company originally formed as an online construction industry marketplace, has expanded its mission, launching new efforts to enable companies to create individual e-Markets and online supply chain solutions.

Today, construction materials procurement is a $1.3 trillion market, with more than $450 billion in the United States alone.  According to Jupiter Research, B2B spending in the U.S. on net market infrastructures (which include supply chains) will grow from $2.1 billion in 2000 to $80.9 billion in 2005. In addition, according to AMR research, Boston, MA, the $3.9 Billion supply-chain market will quadruple in the next five years.

"OneBuild decided to focus on e-procurement and supply channel aspects of construction-related businesses after working closely with our industry partners," said Abbas Syed, president and CEO, OneBuild.  "While conducting extensive research, we jointly identified opportunities for improvement that would help overcome their channel challenges.  We're confident that our focus on creating e-Markets and supply chain solutions will prove valuable to customers by reducing costs and make them increasingly profitable."

"With the advent of e-Marketplaces, the materials procurement process for the construction industry has entered a new and dynamic stage," said Rich Guinn, manager, eBusiness, CENTRIA, which is currently testing OneBuild services for its International Division.  "As a leader in this field, OneBuild is constantly evolving its products and services to meet rapidly changing needs while streamlining the procurement process to save companies time and money."

OneBuild leverages its core competency of building complete e-Commerce solutions to enable e-Market implementation to meet a company's requirements. OneBuild claims that it can develop an e-Market and enable a customer to conduct business on the Internet in as little as 6-12 weeks. 

Currently, companies working with OneBuild include Armstrong Worldwide, Lancaster, PA; Bethlehem Steel, Bethlehem, PA; Butler Manufacturing Company, Kansas City, MO; and the International Division of CENTRIA, Pittsburgh, PA. Several other relationships with large companies are pending.