Wider Orbit for iPlanet

Company launches new line of server software

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. (PRNewswire)  February 19, 2001  It appears that iPlanet is broadening its horizons. The Sun-Netscape Alliance company announced a make-over today, entailing an expanded, multi-tiered line of Web and application server software. The expanded product line includes an updated version of the iPlanet Web Server and three new editions of the iPlanet Application Server. It allows customers to deploy Web applications on a platform that suits their functionality requirements, and it can also scale to meet changing business requirements.

According to iPlanet, the new server line is designed for enterprises and service providers that have needs that range from basic content delivery to implementing entire e-business infrastructures that span partners, customers and geographies, thus requiring sophisticated workflow and integration capabilities.  It includes an entry-level edition for Java technology development, a fully Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) certified edition for mission-critical applications, and a new high-end edition incorporates integration and process automation functionality.

"Web and application servers are critical to the realization of the Sun Open Net Environment vision of a complete open architecture for the creation, assembly and deployment of smart Web services across and beyond the Internet," said Stuart Wells, senior vice president of iPlanet products. "iPlanet is now moving aggressively to extend its leadership to a new breed of Web services developers."

"Facing the double whammy of a fast changing and demanding e-business marketplace, most successful enterprises rely on a combination of competencies within a diverse application server line," said Yefim Natis, vice president and research director of Gartner. "From an entry-level, fast-results platform to a high-end, high quality of service platform  these combined core competencies offer enterprises a combination of agility and dependable scalability that is the key to success in the modern marketplace."

One iPlanet customer, OmniSpace Technologies, a service provider, has developed a B2B collaborative workspace application on the iPlanet Application Server platform that helps enable multiple businesses to work together online as one, sharing processes and information across enterprises.

Says Kurt Peterson, vice president of product development for OmniSpace, "The iPlanet Application Server gives us an infrastructure that offers a high degree of scalability, security and availability, as well as improves our time to market for new services. The OmniSpace.net platform will leverage iPlanet's expanded capabilities to help us continue to grow our collaborative workspace application."