Singing the Praises

Janis Group opts for EXTOL

Franklin Lakes, N.J.  March 15, 2001  EXTOL International, a provider of e-commerce solutions for the mid-market  enterprise, today announced its partnership with Janis Group Inc. (JGI), an enterprise solutions and e-solutions provider to the middle market. JGI has selected EXTOL to provide the software for the planned e-commerce initiative to its BPCS and J.D. Edwards' client base. An exhaustive trial of alternatives led JGI to select EXTOL's business-to-business integration (B2Bi) application as a replacement to the early-generation Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software tools adopted by many of JGI's clients.

JGI's e-commerce initiative will focus on EXTOL's rapid implementation to bring flexible integration and comprehensive data management to their clients. EXTOL's software supports most major networks, VANs, Internet, or direct communications, as well as most data formats, including (but not limited to) new open frameworks of the Extensible Markup Languages (XML) initiatives (ebXML, RosettaNet, etc.), more traditional EDI, and proprietary or industry specific formats.

"Our relationship with EXTOL complements our existing offerings that include ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning], Supply Chain, and Client Relationship Management (CRM), and serves the needs of our BPCS and J.D. Edwards client base," said Mike Janis, president of JGI. "After successful EXTOL implementations at several key BPCS clients, we have learned to effectively deploy EXTOL's Integrator to optimize our customers' e-business."

Dennis Bonagura, president of EXTOL, said, "Our experience with midsized enterprises has kept us focused on the need to  deliver solutions that can be rapidly implemented, and offer extensive user enablement, while representing the lowest possible cost to Internet Technologies. The EXTOL solution removes much of the technology confusion in the marketplace for JGI customers by providing a single, easy to use e-business application, enabling them to conduct business over traditional VANs, or securely over the Internet, using any of the standards and document frameworks available."