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Tomorrow's supply chain may lend an ear

PRINCETON, N.J. & BIEL, Switzerland  March 15, 2001  Most of us already talk to our computers, usually in tones reserved for tourists moving at glacial speed in the fast lane. The problem is, unless software can comprehend threats and respond accordingly, that talking doesn't accomplish anything. But that's going to change. It's not that far-fetched to imagine a time when supply chain input will be largely vocal in nature.

Voxware, a provider of speech-based solutions for supply chain execution, has established a business partnership with ExperTeam AG of Switzerland to bring Voxware's VoiceLogistics product to the Swiss market for supply chain solutions.

ExperTeam provides business logistics solutions for warehouse optimization, distribution and integrated wireless fulfillment for the retail grocery, consumer product and institutional foodservice industries. ExperTeam is currently engaged in providing solutions for two of the three largest food retailers in Switzerland.

"We are certainly pleased to be partnered with Voxware. Many of our customers are interested in speech-based solutions for their supply chain applications," said Daniel Lutscher, president and CEO of ExperTeam.

Voxware and ExperTeam will jointly pursue VoiceLogistics opportunities in Europe, with Voxware taking the lead on providing the speech-based applications for logistics and fulfillment operations, and ExperTeam providing the IT solutions and professional services to implement the logistics solutions for their customers.

VoiceLogistics is Voxware's wireless, Web-based interactive speech interface solution designed to enhance speed, accuracy and productivity of logistics and fulfillment operations. VoiceLogistics also integrates with the IT systems of most distribution and logistics operations. The system includes the VoiceLogistics wireless RF client, Voxware's patented noise-robust speech recognizer, designed specifically for high performance in industrial environments; the VoiceXML browser; the VoiceLogistics server; and the VoiceLogistics suite of VoiceXML applications for logistics and fulfillment operations.

Besides the futuristic appeal of voice-recognition technology, there is also a great deal of utility to be derived. Users who aren't great typists will be able to input information much more quickly. The wireless abilities of such systems means data can be input on the fly and in the field.