PurchasePro Wants to Pump You up

Hans and Frans go online

Phoenix  March 20, 2001  Read me now and understand me later: the gym world is going high-tech. Fitness Venture Group, a provider of Web-based software platforms to the $200 billion fitness industry, today announced the launch of HealthClubDirect.com, a private e-marketplace for the buying and selling of fitness-related products and services. The HealthClubDirect.com marketplace will be powered, hosted and maintained by PurchasePro, and will be endorsed by Gold's Gym International.

Fitness Venture Group's software is designed to allow health club owners and operators to manage their online membership leads, maintain an e-commerce pro shop, enhance communication with trainers and members, and offer interactive fitness and nutrition programs. With the creation of the e-marketplace, Fitness Venture Group hopes to provide health club owners and operators with a comprehensive, Web-based, buy-side/sell-side, e-commerce solution.

As more and more fitness-related facilities continue to open across the country, HealthClubDirect.com will be in a position to be the one-stop source for everything from building materials to fitness equipment to cleaning supplies,'' said Peter Moore, chief financial officer and director of business development at Fitness Venture Group. With more than 17,000 health clubs nationwide, the market is wide open.

The HealthClubDirect.com marketplace will tackle and run with the fitness vertical,'' said Steve Angelo, vice president of product marketing for PurchasePro. We are thrilled to be providing our solution to a virtually untapped market that will provide the company with increased transactions and purchasing dollars.''

Gold's Gym International has signed an exclusive alliance to use and endorse the company's e-marketplace for its corporate facilities and network of franchisees. HealthClubDirect.com will become an extension of the Gold's Gym National Vendor Program. As we continue to grow our worldwide franchise organization, we believe HealthClubDirect.com will play an integral role in providing unprecedented value to our purchasing network,'' said Kirk Galiani, chief executive officer of Gold's Gym International.