Epicentric e-Business

New marketplace launched

San Francisco  March 22, 2001  Epicentric Inc., a provider of next generation portals, e-business network solutions, has announced the successful launch of its Web Services Marketplace, an e-business center for the purchase, marketing, sales and support of all types of Web services. The Web Services Marketplace offers services for locating Web services with across-the-board functionality, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), content management, search, news, e-mail and maps for e-business initiatives. More than 100 providers of commerce services, business applications, infrastructure, processes and content are now offering their Web services through Epicentric's Web Services Marketplace. The Marketplace also provides its users with a library of support resources for building and maintaining Web services, including best practices, frequently asked questions (FAQs), tutorials, code samples and discussion boards.

"The launch of the Web Services Marketplace is a tremendous leap forward in our ability to help our customers and partners achieve their e-business goals," said Ed Anuff, chief strategy officer and co-founder of Epicentric. "Never before has it been so easy for our customers to find the best Web services for their e-business projects, or for our partners to find an audience for the Web services which they have developed."

Built and deployed with Epicentric Foundation Server 3.5, the Web Services Marketplace offers a secure and flexible venue for buying and selling Web services. Customers can search through a catalog of Web services including industry-specific Web services for vertical markets. Epicentric's technology partners, third-party providers of Web services and systems integrators can market their products and services by posting detailed descriptions, images and specifications. Participants of the Web Services Marketplace can use this contact point to accelerate e-business development cycles, fulfill needs for precise functionality, and expand the scope of marketing efforts.