Foresight Is 20/20

Foresight Unveils New Focus on Trading Relationship Management

Columbus, OH  March 30  Foresight Corporation, a provider of Trading Relationship Management (TRM) solutions for accelerating complete B2B enablement and automation, today announced the company's new vision and business approach for delivering Internet-based self-service solutions to automate B2B trading partner enablement. Foresight Trade Accelerator solutions are designed to power TRM, allowing Global 1000 organizations and their trading communities to recruit and engage new members, certify data standards compliance, and facilitate secure and reliable e-business between trading partners.

"Foresight solutions are enabling companies to meet the challenge of achieving and maintaining a critical mass of trading partner participants, an essential element for the success and continued growth of enterprises and their trading communities," said Robert A. Fisher, president and CEO of Foresight Corp.

The Foresight Trade Accelerator solutions have been designed for large enterprises interested in recruiting and engaging small to medium-size companies as trading partners. Unlike traditional manual-enablement methods, Foresight solutions utilize the Internet as a means to lower barriers and speed entry for small- to mid-sized enterprises.

According to Gartner Group, many enterprises and community-sponsoring organizations remain uncertain of the costs associated with implementing and managing a single trading partner. As the Internet business model continues to proliferate through the development and adoption of Net markets, the ability to enable interaction and business collaboration between electronic trading partners is increasingly critical. Foresight's TRM solutions are designed to help companies automate the B2B enablement process, and allow trading community sponsors to quickly achieve competitive advantages by lowering operating costs and increasing market share while leveraging investments in existing e-commerce infrastructure.

Foresight provides tools and services for companies to self-register, self-test, self-setup and self-manage their own participation in trading communities. Companies can streamline TRM processes, generate additional revenues through the offering of new e-business services, and lower the costs of e-marketplace ownership, maintenance and participation. In addition, existing e-commerce technologies such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) are leveraged, not abandoned.