JAWZ Devours Paperwork

E-Business security suite aims to cut government red tape

Fairfield, NJ and Toronto, Ont.  March 30, 2001  Just when you thought it was safe to go back into e-business...

JAWZ Wednesday unveiled software that the company claims will eliminate nearly 80 percent of the paperwork associated with government-to-consumer and government-to-business paper processes.

Toronto-based JAWZ calls its eXpedite Trust Suite a "secure process management and managed security solution." The software, which takes advantage of public key infrastructure (PKI) security technology, provides for legally valid, authenticated digital transactions and forms that cannot be repudiated. The managed security component of the new suite will provide on-going secure transactions and follow-up for any application or paper process.

The suite provides customers with secure integrated technologies to add documents, upload changes, forward documents and track the location of a document at any given time. When combined with a PKI, customers can securely exchange documents and authenticate them to ensure that only authorized individuals have access and that documents are associated with a legally binding electronic signature. Once the document or transaction has been completed, the system will then archive it in a secure format so that it cannot be altered.

"This solution serves as a model for streamlining any paper transaction process by using information technology in a secure environment," said Robert Kubbernus, chairman and CEO of JAWZ.

JAWZ says that software such as eXpedite can be used to meet demands for increased electronic infrastructures by business and government. For instance, the U.S. Government Paperwork Elimination Act (GPEA) mandates that the government provide by October 2003 the option of electronic maintenance, submission or disclosure of information when practicable as a substitute for paper, as well as the use and acceptance of electronic signatures, when practicable.

According to an October, 2000 article in a magazine that tracks government IT issues, "For the Treasury Department alone, it is estimated that there are 2,957,430,696 responses from the public requiring 6,133,688,184 hours of work to comply and at a cost to the public of $217,833,000."

JAWZ claims that its eXpedite Trust Suite, when fully implemented, could cut processing time for government departments by approximately 75 percent and eliminate nearly 80 percent of the paperwork traditionally associated with applications and forms-based transactions in a secure environment.

For more information on online security, see the article "The Naked Supplier" in The Net Best Column of iSource Business' May 2001 issue, on newsstands April 24.