Fits Like a glovia

California meets Japan, collaboratively

Tokyo/El Segundo, CA  April 6, 2001  Fujitsu Limited and its El Segundo, Calif.-based B2B e-commerce solutions subsidiary Glovia International have launched glovia.e, a framework for enabling global collaborative online commerce. The framework includes a number of new software products, along with consulting services for optimizing a solution for sales, manufacturing, distribution and financial services. The glovia.e framework also includes a Global Order Management System that allows companies to manage multiple global commercial processes, as well as product and order configurations, within a single multi-lingual Web-based system.

"We believe that the Internet has fundamentally shifted the way companies do business, making every company a participant in a global marketplace, " said Matt O'Malley, president and CEO of Glovia International. "We developed glovia.e to allow companies to fully exploit the potential efficiencies and economies of the Internet. & In particular, our new Global Order Management System provides the optimal means for companies to improve the predictability, accuracy and efficiency of their sales cycles, and to generate strong customer satisfaction and company loyalty."

glovia.e includes a suite of software products, a trading engine and configuration tools, in addition to consulting services. These individual products are available today and are being implemented at multiple Glovia customers around the world. Fujitsu Limited will coordinate marketing and provision of consulting services for glovia.e in Japan and Asia, while Glovia International will do so in the U.S. and Europe.

"Combining advanced technologies and B2B best practices from Fujitsu and Glovia International, glovia.e reflects the Fujitsu Group's 'Everything on the Internet' business direction and is an ideal collaborative online commerce solution," said Hiroya Madarame, senior vice president and group president, Application Software Business Group, Fujitsu Limited. "Together, we intend to develop and aggressively promote a wide range of e-commerce solutions to globally minded companies around the world."

Companies seeking to do business globally have traditionally had to overcome multiple barriers to complete transactions. Distance, location and time zone variances are common problems. Language, currency and regulations vary from region to region and country to country. glovia.e provides support for multiple languages, multiple currencies and multiple locations, minimizing many of these issues. The software is also designed to make changes on the fly that allow for often overlooked details such as the amount of space required for text by language, and the number of spaces to the right of the decimal point in currency amounts.