PurchasePro Does the Monster Match

Allies with AOL and Monster.com to launch recruitment marketplace

Dulles, VA and Maynard, MA  April 10, 2001  America Online, Inc. and PurchasePro today announced that Monster.com will establish a recruitment industry marketplace for the Netscape Netbusiness Marketplace. Monster.com, a global online careers site and the force behind those way cool blimps now circling sports arenas, will become a provider of hiring management tools and services to the Netscape Netbusiness Marketplace.  

Netscape's Netbusiness Marketplace, developed jointly by AOL and PurchasePro, is a global e-commerce network linking communities and marketplaces to allow small, medium and large businesses to buy, sell and interact online. The new agreement with Monster.com expands upon the procurement and supplier and business information communities currently participating in the Netbusiness Marketplace, which also encompasses more than 140,000 businesses from PurchasePro's network of private-label marketplaces. Netbusiness Marketplace also provides the opportunity for small to medium-sized companies to create specialized industry-specific marketplaces, providing a location for buyers and sellers to conduct business online. 

"The launch of Monster.com within the Netbusiness Marketplace enables us to reach the crucial small and medium-sized business community, who will see Monster.com as a comprehensive recruitment resource with a variety of career search capabilities," said Jeff Taylor, CEO of Monster.com. "We think the Netscape Netbusiness Marketplace, developed by AOL and PurchasePro, will strengthen our existing relationship with AOL, the world's leading interactive service, and propel Monster further into the rapidly emerging online commerce industry." 

"The addition of Monster.com to the growing trading communities accessible through the Netscape Netbusiness Marketplace greatly enhances the range of services available to all participating buyers and sellers. With access to one of the most comprehensive online job databases, companies of all sizes will benefit from a broader reach and a wider range of options for their human resource needs," said Fred Singer, SVP of AOL Interactive Services and general manager of Netscape Netbusiness.  "This new feature is an especially important addition for our small-business participants, who have easy access to the powerful B2B technologies, formerly available exclusively to large enterprises, by participating in the Netbusiness Marketplace," he added.

"By combining the advanced technology and content applications from Netscape Netbusiness and PurchasePro and making them simple for businesses to use, we're delivering the right mix of community, content and commerce to companies of all sizes that participate in the Marketplace," said Chris Benyo, senior vice president of marketing for PurchasePro.  "With the addition of career search functionality to a complete buy side/sell side application, Netscape's Netbusiness Marketplace is truly becoming a one-stop shop for businesses that want to leverage the Internet to its full potential," he continued.

Netscape Netbusiness is driving small business membership on the marketplace through its Netbusiness Card, which provides detailed information about each member's products, services, location and industry classification to potential customers online. All current and new Netbusiness Card members are automatically registered in the marketplace and are also eligible to win one million AOL/AAdvantage Reward  miles being offered by Netbusiness as part of a major three-month promotional campaign.