Don't Mess with Texar

Company provides extensive e-security

Ottawa, Canada  April 11, 2001  Texar Corporation, a developer of security technologies designed for the collaborative commerce (c-commerce) industry, today announced the availability of Texar SecureRealms, a comprehensive solution suite for selective and secure sharing of information over the Internet or any other network.

Texar's product suite allows organizations to share sensitive business information while maintaining control over its use and distribution, based on to the companies' own business rules or policies. Texar SecureRealms extendible architecture ensures a consistent level of security when sharing information across the enterprise, the Web and through peer-to-peer networks. Texar SecureRealms is a Java-based solution that also enables information-sharing regardless of platform, server, or application.

The evolution of Internet security to include consolidated authentication and authorization systems, in combination with the broader economic requirements of collaborative commerce, has created an increasing need for policy-based authorization security products. By 2002, Gartner Group predicts 50 per cent of e-business extranets and portals will use consolidated authentication and authorization systems to enhance security when sharing information.

Bob Courteau, president and CEO of Texar Corporation, said, "Our solution gives users the flexibility of being able to protect resources and intellectual property rights across the Web, enterprise and in a peer-to-peer network, which is a growing necessity these days."

Texar SecureRealms is a policy-based security authorization solution that enables secure, real-time information sharing within networks and across the Internet. The suite also allows information owners to build policies or rules for selectively and securely sharing that information within a virtual realm. The product's policies are programmable, providing flexibility in defining how the information is shared. Policies provide assurance to each organization participating in the virtual realm that their information will only be available to authorized individuals under the conditions they define.

"Individuals can be granted very specific access and usage privileges through business rules that are applied to data. In doing so businesses make their data obey specific rules that give users their specific access and user rights, said Eugen Bacic, CTO and founder of Texar Corporation.