To BizFinity and Beyond

ASP announces agreement with CommerceFlow

Cupertino, CA  April 16, 2001   Bizfinity Inc., an Application Service Provider (ASP) of fully hosted, Web-based e-commerce solutions for small businesses today announced the upcoming launch of integrated auction-management services from CommerceFlow Inc., a provider of software and services that unlock the revenue potential of e-business sales channels, with its existing e-commerce modules. Under the agreement, Bizfinity now offers its small-business customers the CommerceFlow service as part of Bizfinity's new Web Auctioneer module.

Bizfinity's modular services enable small businesses to add e-commerce capabilities incrementally as needed. As small-business owners look for new electronic avenues to sell their products, Bizfinity's Web Auctioneer will allow them to conduct simultaneous auctions through such large auction sites as eBay, Yahoo! and Amazon. With this new functionality, Bizfinity's services help enable small businesses to participate in the full range of e-commerce activities, including online-auction markets, which are used by more than 25 million people.

"Bizfinity's online store-building and management capabilities are the first elements in the first true eCommerce Synchronization Platform for small businesses," said Ronald Brown, CEO of Bizfinity. "By partnering with CommerceFlow to provide Auction Synchronization, Bizfinity is taking e-commerce to a new level, with yet another cost-effective, drop-in module that enables small businesses to easily sell their products in new and profitable ways."

Bizfinity's new Web Auctioneer aggregates information from many auction sites in one location. Users who wish to sell their products can list, monitor and manage multiple auctions simultaneously from this single location, saving time and eliminating redundancies. When small-business owners wish to make a purchase, Auctioneer allows them to find the right item and the lowest price on multiple auction sites, then manage their bidding and payment to complete the transaction. This new module is integrated with CommerceFlow's Auction Monitor and, when used in conjunction with Bizfinity's Web Order Manager, allows automated shipping, inventory management, order processing, returns management and auction-monitoring services. Web Auctioneer is integrated with all of Bizfinity's other Web-based business modules.

"It's a real challenge for many businesses to effectively leverage online channels to accelerate sales," said Lisa Petrucci, co-founder and COO of CommerceFlow. "Through our partnership with Bizfinity, thousands of companies will be able to more effectively reach millions of new customers. And this new selling activity will be fully integrated with their existing suite of e-commerce applications."