The Mobius Strip

Mobius and Princeton eCom team up to offer e-billing solution

Rye, NY  May 30, 2001 Remember the Mobius Strip from high school chemistry? You know, the folded strip of paper that creates a continuous loop, now used as the universal symbol for recycling and transformation? Well, the concept has made its way into the world of supply chain enablement by way of the Mobius Management Systems software company, which receives the iSource company name award for Most Academic.

Call it coincidence or psychic phenomenon, but Mobius today announced an alliance with the second place winner in the Most Academic category, Princeton eCom  a combination which is destined for the Ivey Leagues.

Mobius, a provider of software for managing and presenting enterprise content; and Princeton eCom, a provider of electronic billing and payment services, announced today the formation of a marketing alliance that will deliver a comprehensive electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) solution to banks and billers.

The agreement will provide a solution that aims to automate the bill and payment process from bill/statement archiving and presentment to consolidation, distribution, payment processing and lockbox services. The new offering works by storing bills and statements in Mobius's ViewDirect content server and presenting them with Mobius's Click-n-Done software. They are then distributed through Princeton eCom's bill distribution network and can be paid using Princeton eCom's payment services.

This alliance, our recent acquisition of Quicken Bill Manager, and our distribution agreements with Spectrum and Intuit further enhance the capabilities we can offer our customers, said Curt Welling, Princeton eCom's CEO. Mobius' software for storing and presenting bills and statements is an ideal complement to our distribution network and payment processing services. Together we can offer banks and billers a powerful, enterprise-wide solution."

Princeton eCom's payment experience complements Click-n-Done, said Mitchell Gross, Mobius' president and CEO. Equally important, Princeton eCom's distribution network enables bills and statements stored in ViewDirect to be delivered to consumers and paid through their choice of end point, either through banks and portals or directly through the biller's Web site. This capability is consistent with our commitment to an open, standards-based architecture and gives our customers the widest range of options.