Savi provides logistics software for Asia-Pacific auto industry

Sunnyvale, CA  June 21, 2001  Savi Technology today announced that it will provide logistics and information management software and systems to Elite International Management Co., a Taiwan-based provider of assembly and shipping services for international automobile companies in the Asia Pacific region.

Savi Technology, through its subsidiary, AceFusion Taiwan Co., Ltd., will work with Elite to design and implement an international logistics hub, information exchange, and warehouse management systems. Elite will be one of the first logistics service providers in Taiwan to manage customs services and tax matters using an information system integrated with its automobile assembly and shipping operations.

"We were most impressed with the competency and flexibility of the solutions provided by AceFusion Taiwan," said Jack Yu, chairman of Elite International. "AceFusion Taiwan's professional knowledge and experience in information technology systems will assist us greatly in the management of complex supply chain information management for international markets."

"One goal of the new system is to provide real-time information about the storage condition and conveyance status of all vehicles in Elite's operations," said James Feng, general manager of AceFusion Taiwan. "This will help Elite to reduce operational costs and simplify delivery processes. Data captured and collected by Savi's software also will enable Elite to establish stronger performance measurements and enhance the overall efficiency of its logistics operations."