TradeMC Hammers out Agreements

Marketplace has signed 116 suppliers

Dallas  June 29  Capital, MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) and indirect goods and services marketplace TradeMC announced yesterday that it has secured 116 supplier agreements. 100 percent of TradeMC's supplier base is enabled through its application service provider (ASP) model.

TradeMC utilizes a proprietary strategic sourcing process that results in agreements with a select number of suppliers that are able to fulfill the requirements of TradeMC's global customers in capital-intensive industries such as oil and gas, chemical, utilities, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing at the best available prices. The combined purchasing volume of TradeMC members, coupled with TradeMC's pre-negotiated supplier agreements, results in reductions in  procurement and project cycle times and lowers the cost of goods for both members and their customers.

Suppliers have joined the TradeMC marketplace to simultaneously increase their participation in major capital projects and to implement their e-commerce initiatives. "Our supplier participants are afforded unmatched access to some of the world's foremost engineering and procurement firms who have joined TradeMC with pre-determined purchasing commitments," said Jerry Allen, senior vice president, product management for TradeMC. "Suppliers are attracted to TradeMC because of our dedication to help them grow their business, create predictable revenue streams and lower their distribution costs."

TradeMC partnered with Atlas Commerce and, in turn, provides a low-cost ASP e-commerce platform to make joining and working with TradeMC easier and more cost-effective. The marketplace operates via an open, multiple-enterprise model designed to minimize in-house system modifications, and has also developed proprietary functionality to support the capital goods market with a portal that allows buyers and suppliers to process requests for quotations, purchase orders and invoices electronically.

"This type of customer/client relationship is the wave of the future," said John Vallely, vice president of business development at Aluma Systems, a TradeMC supplier. "This allows us to work together as a team for improved safety, improved quality and reduced costs for the customer."