Shop Talk

Intershop Communications partners with Commerce One

San Francisco  July 16, 2001  Commerce One powered e-marketplaces can access a new tool as of today. Intershop Communications, Inc., an e-business software provider, recently announced the availability of the Intershop Business Connector for Commerce One e-marketplaces. The Intershop Business Connector is designed to help enterprises maximize their market reach by conducting business with multiple purchasers simultaneously through many online channels.

Intershop connects suppliers to buyers via Commerce One MarketSite, an e-marketplace operating environment, which provides the technology, infrastructure and operating platform for e-marketplaces and is used to integrate applications, connect trading partners and enable interoperability across the Global Trading Web.

"Helping suppliers to access e-marketplaces is key to maximizing the overall success of B2B e-commerce," said Stan Scardino, senior vice president, global alliances and channels for Commerce One. "We expect the Intershop Business Connector for Commerce One will facilitate interaction between suppliers and their trading partners through Commerce One-powered e-marketplaces, resulting in increased liquidity throughout the ecosystem."

"Intershop recognizes that an e-commerce business solution is only as effective as its ability to connect suppliers to buyers," said Stephan Schambach, CEO of Intershop. "With the Intershop Business Connector for Commerce One powered e-marketplaces, enterprises can quickly develop a powerful, scalable solution for strengthening existing relationships between buyers and suppliers, increasing the value provided to all participating trading partners."