FedEx Expands Web Features

When you absolutely, positively have to print your bill of lading

Akron, OH  August 2, 2001  Users of Federal Express' Custom Critical service can now view and print out copies of a shipment's bill of lading, proof of delivery and invoice using new features on the carrier's Web site.

The online shipping documents are part of the Web site's shipping toolkit and are available to customers who register to use the toolkit. The advantage of the new feature is the ability to obtain information about shipments round-the-clock and in real-time, according to FedEx.

"Online shipping documents give our customers 24-hour, seven-day-a-week access to their shipment information," says Bob Rocco, accounts receivable manager at FedEx. "Online availability also provides a new source from which to obtain shipment information for those customers who prefer a few mouse clicks to a telephone call."

In addition to the online documents, the toolkit also enables customers to get instant rate quotes by entering the zip/postal codes of the shipment's origin and destination, as well as map and track current shipments from pickup to delivery.