Seize the Web

Web-based commercial transactions are ripe field

Newton, MA  August 13, 2001  Financial institutions are in an ideal position to take advantage of the growing opportunities inherent in Web-based commercial transactions, says a new report titled "Business-to-Business Payments: Spinning a Web" from Meridien Research. Web-based B2B payments can streamline procurements for businesses engaged in traditional purchasing arrangements.

"Financial institutions are in a unique position to provide Web-based payment mechanisms to their commercial clients because of their existing cash management relationships," said Jeanne Capachin, senior analyst at Meridien Research. "In many ways, this represents a logical extension of financial electronic data interchange (EDI) that has been in place at many institutions for the last 15+ years. We believe that forward-looking institutions will seize this opportunity to expand their franchise in the B2B payments arena."

"Business-to-Business Payments: Spinning a Web" is a look at the market and some of the business requirements that must be addressed, as well as the various categories of Web-based payment providers. It also includes a comparative table of supplier offerings to this market.