Gains without Frontiers

Collaboration crosses borders

Cambridge, MA  Collaboration is one of the more obvious applications of Internet technology. If an employee is able to work with team members online, the location of those members becomes inconsequential. Hong Kong is as accessible and connected as Helotes, Texas.

eRoom Technology, which provides digital workplaces for extended enterprise collaboration, is one company that is experiencing success in the collaborative space as customers standardize on collaborative portal applications that are based on its eRoom solution. Partnerships with portal vendors such as PeopleSoft, SAP Portals, Microsoft, Plumtree Software, Hummingbird, Citrix and Corechange, are enabling the company's enterprise customers to deploy integrated portal applications that take advantage of the eRoom digital workplace solution as the foundation for extended enterprise collaboration.

"By combining eRoom digital workplace capabilities with portal gadgets from Plumtree Software, we gain the collaborative platform we need to create stronger, more cohesive working relationships between BIC employees located all over the globe," said David Douglas, group chief information officer for BIC International Co., which is part of the BIC Group. "From instant notifications and alerts to business process improvement and team collaboration, the combined solution is helping us to improve the efficiency of our global operations."

"At Gartner, we believe the workplace of the future will increasingly be comprised of geographically dispersed professionals  whether employees, clients, consultants or business partners  who gather for the express purpose of executing a specific project or assignment," said Gene Phifer, vice president and research director at the Gartner Group. "Collaborative portal applications directly address the needs of these groups by supporting all aspects of team work, from event notification to team scheduling to collaborative document creation and distribution. It's a rapidly growing market that is opening the door to more productive ways of conducting business across organizational and geographic boundaries."

"Through our partnerships with leading portal vendors, we are able to bring together two key technologies to create a new breed of collaborative applications that are unique in their ability to address the informational needs of fast-cycle, extended enterprise project teams," said Barry Ruditsky, vice president of business development for eRoom Technology. "As the workplace changes and project teams become more dispersed and fluid, these partnerships represent a combination of technologies that allow our customers to set new standards for team collaboration and unify the systems that drive their businesses."

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