Red Hat and Tails

Open source moves into B2B

Research Triangle Park, NC  August 27, 2001  Peer-to-peer technology is moving into the B2B arena, so why not the other hot tech topic, open source technology? Unlike the traditional we've done it all for you, don't mess with it approach of most software companies (an approach that even Oracle is rethinking, especially since developments have shown that they really haven't done it all), open source software is out there for anyone to use and tweak. Free. Such an approach, it is believed, will result in a continued evolution of software, as each developer adds changes that are either adopted or dropped in the free market of ideas that is the Internet. Companies make their money in the support for programs developed on open source technology. Of these approaches, Linux is by far the most popular. Its placid penguin mascot is actually the emblem of almost rabid support among Linux cognoscenti.

Although like almost all things e, open source has recently lost a little of its luster, there is still a lot of financial and institutional backing for the movement. Like B2B technology in general, open source looks to be one of the more viable of all the technologies out there, once the economy passes the rocky shoals of uncertainty and safely lands in the protected and sun-dappled shores of the Gulf of Stability.

In a development that shows some of the support, open-source leader and Linux buttress Red Hat, in partnership with Compaq Computer and Pioneer-Standard, today announced the immediate availability of an integrated and fully scalable e-commerce solution. Based on the recently announced Red Hat E-Commerce Suite, the single server and clustered configurations are designed to quickly get businesses online while maintaining scalability, functionality and customizability.

"With the backing of major partners such as Compaq and Pioneer-Standard, we are able to provide a unique e-commerce offering to customers," said Dr. James Neiser, chief marketing officer of Red Hat. "The combination of proven open source software and industry-leading Compaq ProLiant servers delivers the scalability, functionality and customizability that many businesses demand, without the complexity or cost of high-end enterprise applications."

Pioneer-Standard provides system integration engineering by installing and configuring the Red Hat E-Commerce Suite on industry standard Compaq ProLiant servers. Consulting for Web application development, site design and legacy system integration, technical support, and training for developers and business users are available as optional services.

"Partnering with Red Hat and Compaq enables us to offer customers a non-proprietary solution that helps them reach their business goals quickly and cost-effectively," said Bob Bailey, senior vice president, Pioneer-Standard, Computer Systems Division. "Our commitment to this partnership goes well beyond simply delivering parts to customers  we have a team of experts who will provide continuous, customized support for this dynamic suite of products."

"By working with Red Hat and Pioneer to integrate Red Hat's E-Commerce Suite with market-leading Compaq ProLiant servers, we are providing a unique value proposition for our customers requiring enterprise application-like features in a simple and easy to implement solution that also meets their budget requirements," said Dan Vertrees, vice president, Compaq North America Partner Sales and Marketing.